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Shibboleth/Institutional login

The IOPscience service supports the Shibboleth authentication system. This means that users from Shibboleth compliant institutions can sign-in to the IOPscience service using their institutional ID and password and gain access, on- or off-campus, to their subscribed IOP Publishing content. More information about Shibboleth can be found at

To sign-on using your institutional ID and password, please click the Athens/Institutional login link:

Screenshot showing login link


You wil be directed to an Institutional login page for Shibboleth where you are required to choose your institution's location:

Screenshot showing Institutional Login page


Once your location is chosen, a list of institutions will be displayed:

Screenshot showing list of institutions

Clicking on your institution's name will direct you to your site's specific authentication service login page, and you will be asked to login if you are not already logged in. Once you complete your access requirements here, Shibboleth will authenticate your access information and allow you to enter IOPscience service.

Institutional IDs and passwords cannot be used for options such as e-mail alerting and document delivery. To take advantage of these options, users need to login with their IOPscience username and password, or if they are new to the IOPscience service, create an account (this only takes a minute).

If your have forgotten your Institutional ID and password, please contact your institution's Shibboleth administrator.

The IOPscience service still supports Eduserv's Athens Authentication System and IP authentication, so if your institution is not Shibboleth compliant, access to your IOP Publishing subscribed content should be unaffected.

As part of the ongoing deployment of Shibboleth, IOP Publishing will be joining more national federations, in response to demand from our customer base. If you belong to a Shibboleth federation and would like to be able to access your subscribed IOP Publishing content via Shibboleth, please contact our Electronic Support team at This will ensure that your federation is included on our target list, and we will work towards making our services Shibboleth compliant for you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact our Electronic Support team at